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HOTBOY MEZ 36 - mobile elektrovarmesentraler

Våre minste. Men likevel med stor kraft. Du kan kjøpe eller leie våre mobile elektrovarmesentraler, som har en effekt på 9 til 36 kW.

Det uunnværlige verktøyet for enhver rørlegger. Våre mobile elektrovarmesentraler byr på alle fordeler du alt kjenner til. Små, fleksible og egnet til enhver bruk. Alle komponenter som pumpe, ekspansjonsbeholder, regulering etc. er komplett integrert, og bruksformålene - alt fra tørking av sementgulv via utskifting av kjele til midlertidig hjelp når varmesentraler eller varmtvannsforsyningen svikter - oppfyller alle ønsker.

Dine fordeler
  • Energitilførsel via vanlig strømtilkobling
  • Om ønsket med program for oppvarming av sementgulv
Varmeeffekt36 kW
Mål l x b x h600 x 560 x 1 100 mm
Vekt (uten vann)ca. 60 kg
Innstillingsområde effekt30 - 36 kW
Modell elektrisk oppvarmingkan trilles
Regulering oppvarming20-85 °C
Maks. driftstemperatur85 °C
Hovedpumpeja - 2 m³/t 3,3 mWS
Ekspansjon10 liter
Sikring oppvarming3 bar
KapslingsgradIP 44/F
StrømtilkoblingCEE 400 V / 63 A
Mobile tilkoblingsledningerFramløp / returløp med Geka kobling
Med forbehold om tekniske endringer

1. Minimise cost risks

Our hire units are newer, reliable devices that are serviced by our specialists after each use. You can rest assured in the knowledge that you will have the most productive and reliable hire units on site.

2. Hire efficiency

You can always expect nothing less than state-of-the-art technology from Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH. Our hire units only contain products by high-profile brand manufacturers. This ensures that you hire maximum performance at minimal energy consumption.

3. No maintenance costs

With Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH, expensive workshop hours, the procurement of tools and spare parts, service books and maintenance logs are a thing of the past. We do it all for you. Our prices include all costs for maintaining and servicing the hire units. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.

4. No storage costs

You don’t have to find a space to store equipment and auxiliary devices. You just have to make a call and the hire unit will be delivered to the installation site.

5. No investment costs

Anyone who hires equipment does not have to tie capital for investments. You only have to spend money on equipment when you actually need it for a specific project. You can then use the capital thus saved for other purposes and so ensure healthy growth. Free your company from the costs of procuring mobile energy units.

6. Increase your credit rating

The cost of hiring units does not affect your company’s credit limit. This means that, by hiring equipment, you can increase your credit rating as you can demonstrate a better ratio between assets and liabilities.

7. No obsolete machinery

Owning mobile energy units and auxiliary equipment can be expensive. The value of the units decreases with time. When you hire units from Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH, you can always be sure of having state-of-the-art equipment without having to worry about depreciation costs.

8. Complete your offer

Business challenges continue to change and you have to keep up with your customers’ requirements. You might not have the right energy units for all projects. But we do. Contact Hotmobil and, in no time at all, you can get hold of the right unit for your project.

9. We are there for you

Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on our hire units and their application areas. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are your partner for mobile energy and will help to make your work easier for you. - Talk to us!

1. Which energies

Energy supply systems can develop different faults. What are HOTMOBIL Mobile Energy Units used for and when can they provide a solution? And when is it actually worth using a mobile energy unit?


Hotmobil: HOTMOBIL specialises in supplying mobile energy to buildings’ technical systems. In particular, we offer mobile solutions for supplying heating and cooling energy, hot water and steam. We offer Mobile Heating Units, Mobile Cooling Units, Mobile Hot Water Units and Mobile Steam Units. We also offer small Mobile Electric Heaters with an output of up to 40 kW. In addition, we have a large range of auxiliary equipment including Mobile Air Heaters, Mobile Tank Units, Mobile Pumps, Mobile Heat Exchangers, Mobile Storage Units, Mobile Expansion Tanks, etc. Our products provide ideal temporary solutions when energy systems fail. They can be used in a variety of different situations, for example, when carrying out renovation work, after natural disasters, during construction delays or when building work has been completed more quickly than expected, for special and process applications, if there are delivery problems, for peak load coverage, etc. When used for longer periods of time, it may make economic sense to actually purchase a mobile energy unit. To this end, we have our own planning department and state-of-the-art manufacturing areas.

2. Uninterrupted energy supply

When retrofitting an entire energy generation system, can mobile energy units be used to maintain an uninterrupted energy supply without having to perform any modifications or temporary measures?


Hotmobil: Apart from ensuring that the entry points for the media supply in the building’s ducting have been suitably prepared, no modifications have to be made to the building’s systems. A mobile energy unit is delivered on-site on the agreed date, connected via flexible and pressure-resistance hoses to the building’s systems and then put into operation. In this way, heating, cooling or steam units and their distribution systems can be dismantled and reinstalled without having to interrupt the energy supply.

3. Costs and billing

What are the costs of using Mobile Energy Units?

Hotmobil: The hire charges for the energy units used are calculated on the basis of the number of days of use and the output of the unit. Additional flat rates are charged for transport and commissioning. If the duration of use is known from the outset, the costs can be determined from the beginning.

4. Access to the installation site and installation

What do the delivery and operation of a Mobile Energy Unit require at the installation site?

Hotmobil: The selection of a suitable Mobile Energy Unit starts as early as the planning stage. At the installation site, the units can be installed next to the building to ensure the shortest possible connection route to the object, for example, near a cellar window or basement opening. If direct access to the installation site is restricted or not possible, various models can be lowered into position by crane. With larger projects, a HOTMOBIL project consultant provides customer support and, before order placement, checks the local conditions and routes for connecting the unit.

5. Connection to the building

How is the unit connected to the building´s system?

Hotmobil: The hire units are fitted with hose couplings for connecting to the building’s ducting. Hotmobil’s service engineers connect these via pressure and temperature-resistant hoses to the entry points of the building’s ducting.

6. Tender and billing

How are Mobile Energy Units described in the specifications? What are the billing units? What does the building owner have to provide and tender separately?

Hotmobil: For inclusion in the specifications, tender texts for all energy units and other products are available to download from www.hotmobil.de. The billing unit is the rental period in days. Delivery, connecting the energy units, commissioning and instruction are included as separate items in the bill. The customer commissions a specialist to install the necessary entry points to connect the hoses. The customer is responsible for providing the power supply and, if necessary, for sourcing the fuel (heating oil or gas) for the Mobile Energy Unit. For the latter, we also offer a so-called fuel management service.

7. Locations and availability

Are the Mobile Energy Units just available in certain regions?

Hotmobil: Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH has more than 800 units for hire at a total of nine locations, namely at its headquarters in Gottmadingen in South Germany and at its branches throughout Germany. All enquiries regarding mobile energy units are initially taken by the Service Hotline at the company headquarters in Gottmadingen, South Germany. They are then processed and coordinated to ensure that the customer has a single contact person and that the whole process runs as smoothly as possible. Hotmobil customers can sign an energy guarantee with the company. This ensures a guaranteed delivery within six hours.

8. Operation and service

Who is responsible for ensuring the reliable operation of the units? What service does Hotmobil offer?

Hotmobil: Hotmobil has its own employees for installation and commissioning. This also includes assembly, delivery and removal. After commissioning, Hotmobil officially hands over the Mobile Energy Unit to the relevant company and instructs employees on how to work with it. From this time onwards, while the trade business is responsible for operating the energy unit, in the event of any malfunction, the Hotmobil troubleshooting service in on hand 'round the clock' to provide support.

9. Technology and energy efficiency

How reliable are mobile energy units? Which technological standards do they comply with? In order to achieve low fuel or electricity costs, are the units energy-efficient?

Hotmobil: The technology featured in the Mobile Energy Units consists of the very latest plant components currently available on the market. Hotmobil also attaches great importance to servicing the units after each use and testing their energy consumption. Furthermore, we practice a certified quality management system as per DIN ISO 9001.



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