Quality and certification

Certification in acc. with DIN EN ISO 9001 for quality management systems

As one of the leading providers of mobile energy solutions in Europe, our efforts all focus on seeking to act at all times in a manner compatible with high standards of environmental protection, health & safety at work (H&SW) and quality.

H&SW and the environment - hand in hand

Here at Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH, we run our business with great awareness of the environmental impact of what we do, and with high regard for health & safety at work. In our view, essential requirements for the future success of the company.


We regard all the applicable legislation, specifications, regulations and standards as binding upon us, and the senior management team of this company invests them with a high level of priority. Compliance is assured at regular intervals by means of in-house inspections and by testing performed by external bodies.


We use products that comply with the relevant standards.


We enable our employees to work in a clean workplace with sound environment credentials. We consistently seek to find substitutes for hazardous materials. Through ongoing training sessions, we ensure that all hazardous materials are handled correctly. Our employees are called upon to remedy any mishaps and/or to report these immediately to the departmental supervisor or manager responsible.


We wish to act in responsible and aware manner, the only way to maintain and to build upon a defined standard. Annual training sessions assure the required level of continuity within the company.


By specifying targets and monitoring compliance with these, we seek to improve continuously.


Our Management Board wishes all management and supervisory staff to bear responsibility for motivating all employees to act in an environmentally aware manner, to maintain high standards of health & safety at work and to achieve great product quality.



In the event of any departures from the desired standards, remedial measures shall be devised, implemented and then monitored for sustainability.

A system of continuous quality

Stability, growth and success do not arise by accident but instead through targeted management and guidance on the basis of an effective and efficient system which places the needs of our employees and our customers at the forefront.

The Quality Management System introduced supports these aims to a significant extent, and it equips our customers, the consumers of the services we provide, as well as our employees, valued and valuable supporters of the system, with the orientation and guidance they require.

We are convinced that long-term success on the market will only be enjoyed by companies that are highly committed to the quality of their own products, services and processes, and to their continuous improvement.

At HOTMOBIL, the Quality Management System is integrated as a dynamic system. We would regard standing still as tantamount to moving backwards. Keeping on the move involves a proactive, forwards-striving, market-leading quality offensive.

This has been our philosophy for some years now. It should therefore come as no surprise that HOTMOBIL should have become the first company in its sector, back in 2009, to obtain certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. The current certificate is valid until 7 August 2018. To do justice to your expectations, and to our own, we already work with an eye to the future in seeking to implement and adapt our management system to comply with the requirements of the revised ISO 9001 based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Through a proactive process of further development, we shall enhance the practical relevance of what we do in harmony with our corporate objectives.


If you have any queries about our integrated management system, please contact:

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