Our activities: Leasing, rental and purchase fo mobile energy units

For you as a customer, it is fundamentally important that your needs are properly understood. You expect to be presented with a solution, and not to be unduly inconvenienced in the process. For ourselves as service providers, that constitutes one of our favourite tasks. Regardless of the nature of task you call upon us to perform, we shall help you to find a solution.

The list of possible applications for mobile energy units is a long one. You may know a few examples from your own experience:

  • scheduled and unscheduled refits
  • refurbishments of all kinds
  • drying of screed
  • natural disasters
  • generation of domestic hot water
  • process heat / cooling
  • pre-tensioning technology for long-distance lines
  • Fermenter heating for biogas plants
  • heating of swimming pools
  • thawing (de-icing) of railway tracks
  • heating of lawns
  • steam network conversions
  • conversion of sub-stations and local supply facilities
  • steam and hot water for industrial processes
  • cooling of server rooms
  • failure or conversion of land-based / 'stationary' cooling systems
  • concrete core activation
  • power station construction
  • event supplies

    The important thing is to employ the right products in the right way at the right place. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that the most cost-effective and most energy-efficient solution is being employed.

    We supply what you need

    Mobile heating units, mobile refrigeration units, mobile split equipment, mobile steam units, mobile electrical heating appliances, mobile hot water systems, mobile ventilation equipment and mobile special-purpose heating units for specialist applications together with the appropriate accessories, e.g. hoses, heat exchangers, sound absorbers, tank farms, expansion tanks, delivery pumps etc. Quite simply everything associated with mobile energy. We do the work for you. With our trained specialist staff, we are able to satisfy even the most complex of requirements.


    In summary, here are our core skills at a glance:

    • On-schedule delivery service throughout Germany
    • Commissioning and assembly using our own technical staff
    • Organization of fuel supply
    • Small-scale construction-related services
    • Connecting up of media supplies
    • Turnkey handover
    • De-rig and collection
    • In-house expertise in planning, design and production
    • Pool of rental / leasing equipment all at a high standard of technology
    • Cost-benefit analyses
    • Needs analysis
    • Site selection
    • Obtaining of official approvals

    One-off custom-builds for our customers


    Everything you can rent or lease from us is, as you might expect, also available for you to buy from us. However, that is only part of the solution we can offer you. With our in-house planning and production expertise, we are able to create needs-based one-off solutions to your specific needs. Our technical specialists and engineers are entirely familiar with devising a tailor-made concept on the basis of your requirements - one that quite literally could not be more customer-specific. Just take a look at our references.

    In response to your requirements for heating, cooling and steam, you will receive from us precise and carefully detailed solutions that are fine-tuned to reflect your applications and views.



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